" The world's most popular Raptor Interactive whiteboard now has dual touch, making it easy to create collaborative learning opportunities throughout your classroom/Business Meeting Hall."

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Our teams of certified installers make implementation of your Digital solutions a breeze. Backed by a One year defects warranty, our installation works are carried out to the highest possible standard.

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Our certified trainers love showing you what our Digital solutions can do. We offer free online/Offline training, free monthly hosted training in each region and free learning resources. We can also work with you to develop a tailored training plan for your organisation to ensure everyone can use your Digital Boards and software with confidence.

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Write! Touch! Swipe! Pinch! Raptor interactive Whiteboards, whiteboards and collaboration software are so easy to use, they're Equal nature.

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Interactive whiteboard suppliers in karnataka

  • Raptor Interactive Whiteboards are very useful tools to have in the school, College, office, corporate, IT Companies, or home. The Digital Raptor Interactive Whiteboard features advanced Digital technology and offers so much more than a traditional projector display. This smart board’s device not only assists and improves visual learning, boardroom interaction and presentation assistance but enhances teaching methods as well. Laptronics boasts a wide range of Digital Raptor Interactive whiteboards, for all your visual demonstration needs. From HD Raptor Interactive whiteboards with windows compatibility, to small 80″ Raptor Interactive touch boards. Getting your point across could not be easier. These smart boards offer simple functionality due to their responsive touch system. Since the first Raptor Interactive whiteboard was produced in 1990, the technology has rapidly grown, allowing Digital Raptor Interactive Board to offer you only the best in Raptor Interactive board modern technology. Internet connection capability, ports and LED backlights, you’re able to present and teach what and however you like. Sharp has ensured that all their Raptor Interactive whiteboards are Energy efficient and easy to use. Making our Raptor Interactive whiteboards powerful and convenient. For crisp, brilliant colour display, choose a Digital Raptor Interactive whiteboard from Laptronics.
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Interactive whiteboard suppliers in karnataka